Monday, December 13, 2010

Gigi Brazilian Body Wax Review

The Gigi Brazilian Bikini Wax is a specialist hair removal product that is sold and purchased by many people each year. This product was created to help individuals to remove the hair from their bikini area in the Brazilian bikini wax manner. The popularity of the brand is far reaching and this is helpful because there are many celebrities who have had success with Gigi Brazilian Body Wax.

There are so many A-list celebrities out there that have claimed that they use Gigi quite often. These celebrities have wardrobes full of short and very revealing garments, and when they do wear such clothes they find this very effective Brazilian wax to do just the job for them. The same is true for the every day girl who wants to look her best.

Perhaps one of the best things about the product is that it is very easy to use. Per the instructions on the product all you have to do to get started is place the collar on the warmer and then remove the lid from the container. Allow the wax to heat for around 15 to 20 odd minutes until it is relatively thick but warm. Once you have done that, you should cleanse the area of your body that you want to have waxed and then pat it dry. With ease you can then apply a thick coat of wax to the area at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the hair growth. Allow the wax to cool and then hold the skin taut and pull the wax off with one quick motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth. These easy to follow instructions make it a breeze to do the waxing at home for much less with the same results!

The Gigi Brazilian Bikini hair removal wax is loved by many because it is affordable, relatively easy to use, and the straight forward directions that come with it make it something that everyone can do even if they have never done any type of waxing in the past. Gigi sells several different products that will help to exfoliate and even numb the area topically, making the waxing process as comfortable and easy as possible. If you are still uncertain whether or not you want to give this a try, check out some Brazilian wax photos of people who have tried it themselves.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Professional Waxing Results Easy With a Wax Warmer

Let's face it: Unwanted facial and body hair is a bit of a problem for many women. Many, if not most, don't really talk about it much, but they do spend a lot of time -- and money -- dealing with it.

There are all kind of techniques and procedures for doing that: shaving, tweezing, laser, epilating, electrolysis, and waxing to name a few. Many women with unwanted hair elect to remove it by waxing.

Home waxing is safe, convenient, economical, and leaves baby smooth skin that lasts a long time compared to some other hair removal methods like shaving. But waxing can be "tricky." Most women understand that there is a learning curve for applying and removing the wax, but many don't realize the importance of another factor for a successful waxing: The temperature of the wax.

Many women who start out waxing at home, warm the wax in the microwave or even a double boiler. It's messy and inexact. That's where a professional wax warmer comes in.

A wax warmer looks a bit like a little crock-pot, but is designed specifically for warming wax, nothing else. A good one is thermostatically controlled with adjustable heat settings that enable you to heat the wax to exactly the temperature that is most comfortable and effective for you. And it does it every time.

A good wax warmer is also, of course, made of heat-resistant material and it should give you complete, uniform melting in a relatively short length of time, say 10 to 20 minutes. And since hygiene is always important in processes like waxing, the warmer should be easy to keep clean.

If you like the results of waxing, but are thinking you just can't get professional results at home. If it's been a little more difficult and "unreliable" than you hoped, maybe you should consider tweaking your system. Maybe all you need to get the smooth skin you want is a wax warmer.

If you'd like more information (and great deals) on a home waxing system that includes a professional wax warmer and an instructional DVD, visit the Smooth Skin Review. It really is possible to get salon results and baby soft skin at home, while saving time and money.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Body Waxing For Men and Women

Many people in Denver aren't really sure what body waxing is. They hear the words Body and Waxing and the only thing that comes to mind is a Brazilian wax because they've heard it discussed so many time in the movies or in the celebrity gossip columns. But there's a lot more to body waxing than that one small area so I thought I'd explain some of the other ways that waxing is used for hair removal so you can maybe understand it's benefits a little better.

Women typically use waxing as a way to remove hair from eyebrows, the hairline, their lips or chin, their underarms, legs, feet and toes. Waxing is a much better method of hair removal because it removes the hair clear down to the follicle and leaves your skin hair free for a much longer period of time than simply shaving or plucking. Shaving can also irritate your skin but waxing leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.
More and more men are also opting to use waxing to remove body hair and they use it in the same areas as women but they're also interested in removing arm, back, and chest hair. A lot of athletes prefer to remove body hair before competitions and then there are other men who just prefer their appearance better without all of that body hair.

For both men and women, when you shave the hair from you body it grows back quickly and it's usually very dark and coarse. This is because you're cutting it off bluntly in the middle. But when you wax, you actually pull the follicle out from the root so that when the new hair does start to grow back it's tapered on the end which makes it much softer and finer. So each time you wax, the hair grows back a little lighter and finer.

So you see, waxing isn't just for that one area of the body, although Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are certainly the trend these days. But for anyone who is looking for a longer lasting method of hair removal, that won't irritate the skin the way shaving and depilatories do, then waxing is the best, least expensive solution. Which is why more and more people in Denver are throwing away those razors and scheduling appointments for body waxing.

Elle Wood recommends a reputable Denver Salon for Denver body waxing services.
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